Website Design

Is your website look a bit old and dated? Don’t have a website at all due to high priced web designers? Well, with website creation tools like WordPress, websites can be updated much easier and cheaper than ever before. In this day and age websites should be used not just a holding place for information, but for day to day or week to week updates. If clients see a website that’s being updated constantly they are more likely to stick around and check it out. You can post things to your website straight from your phone that instantly shares across all social media platforms thus keeping you name fresh in your followers minds!


Get your business going with a nice fresh website from LastSon Productions, we’ve got you covered.


  • Not only can we set you up with a new website and connect it to various social media sites, we will also offer a in-depth tutorial in person, of how to use it and how to post articles/media/updates, so your website can reflect your company day-to-day.
  • We offer a one time fee for setting up the site, we also offer a maintenance service for  a monthly fee, for any major updates or changes that you may need.
Check out some of the websites we have created, we like to be varied so we can help with anything you may need.


Childcare Training Website

Fire Safety Services

Record Label

Taxi Service

Media Company

Handyman Services

Dog Sanitation

Car Dealership Website

Pop culture Website


Drum Shop


Personal Website


Financial Services



Property Services


Fitness & Wellbeing


If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote please contact me below please feel free to email us




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