Going Digital

In this high tech fast paced world we live in, paperwork can be a bore and can take up valuable space that you need, not to mention the cost of printing, ink and paper! Well here at LastSon Productions we can help you with that, we can take away all your paperwork and return with a neatly databased hard drive containing all of your files in a more manageable and easy to use way. Gone are the filing cabinets and replaced with a slicker more time efficient database of all your information.
Also isn’t it frustrating when you’re out and about and need that bit of information but its ‘back at the office’ well now we live in a world where cloud based storage is on the rise so we can also provide you with all your files up there in the cloud so no matter where you are you have complete and constant access to all your files! Not only that but we also dispose of all your paperwork in a secure and environmentally friendly way.
So don’t delay call us today and lets go digital!
Apart from the obvious environmental reasons of going paperless, it can also help you and your business in many other ways.


  • Do you have copious amounts of filing cabinets taking up valuable space in your home or office? Imagine all that disappearing and having that room to expand your company.
  • Imagine you are out with a client and there’s some information they need that’s ‘back at the office’. Well, that’s not a problem any more; have instant access to all of your files from your laptop, tablet, or even phone anywhere you are.
  • We will back up all your documents in three different places so you don’t need to worry if your PC or Mac bites the dust – it will still be saved and can be accessed.
  • We at LastSon Digital & Design will take all your paperwork and scan it into a digital filling cabinet, how ever you want it arranged so it’s easier to find than before, just by using the search bar facility.
If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote please contact me below please feel free to email us


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